Pastoral Searches

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Assistance for congregations in the pastoral search process. An offer has been made to offer pro bono assistance to international congregations searching to fill pastoral vacancies. Check this link for additional inforaiton.
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Please point out any errors you become aware of, especially those involving congregations for which you may have direct knowledge. Thank you for your assistance.

The following churches are known to be pursuing searches for new pastoral staff (more recent submissions first):
Hong Kong — Evangelical Community Church in Hong Kong is seeking applications for the position of Senior Pastor. The job description can be found here. Closing date: January 7, 2018.
(Listed here 2017-11-28)
Bonn, Germany — The American Protestant Church (APC) in Bonn is seeking a new pastor from summer 2018. Application deadline is Monday, January 29, 2018. Check out the job posting and contact informadtion here
(Listed here 2017-11-18)
Zurich, Switzerland — The International Protestant Church of Zurich (IPC) is seeking a new Senior Pastor beginning in mid-2018. For further infoamtion see their announcement here or read the relevant page on the church website. Application deadline is March 1, 2018.
(Listed here 2017-11-14)
Hong Kong, China —Community Church Hong Kong is looking to appoint an associate pastor, who will be responsible for leading our outreach ministries as well as providing general pastoral ministries. Community Church is a vibrant, English-speaking, international congregation in the heart of Hong Kong. For a full job description and to find our more about our church, please visit: or contact Steve Gaultney:
(Listed here 2017-11-13)
Lausanne, Switzerland — Westlake Church Lausanne is looking to appoint an assistant or associate pastor, who will be responsible for overseeing our evening service congregation, university student and youth work, as well as preaching regularly. For more information contact, or visit:
(Listed here 2017-10-14)
La Paz, Bolivia —La Paz Community Church is seeking a new pastor to begin service in 2018. Please check out the position description here.
(Listed here 2017-08-31
Karachi, Pakistan — ICK, The Intenational Church of Karachi, is seeking a new pastor to begin service in 2018. Please check out the position description here.
(Listed here 2017-08-02
Nyon, Switzerland - Westlake Church, an international, English speaking, inter-denominational, Bible-based church on the shore of Lake Geneva, is looking for a Senior Pastor to join us in 2018. To find out more, please click here and if you wish to apply, please send your CV to by 23 September 2017.
(Listed here 2017-07-26
Kuala Lumpur, Malayia — St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, The Interntional Church of Kuala Lumpur, is seeking a Pastor. You will find the Pastor Profile here.
(Listed here 2017-06-13)
Paris, France — Amercian Church of Paris is seeking candidates for a Pastor position for its Youth and Young Adult Ministries. For the job description and all application requirements please visit our website at The closing date for the application submission is July 31st 2017. Beyond that date applications can be submitted but may not be considered.
(Listed here 2017-06-07)
Beijing, ChinaCongregation of the Good Shepherd is seeking a new pastor. The job description can be found here. The application deadline has been extended to January 14,2018.
(Posted here 2017-05-16; updated 2017-09-02 and 2017-10-15.)
Stockholm, Sweden Immanuel Church is seeking an associate pastor. Application details can be found here. Deadline for applications is May 28th, 2017.
(Poseted here 2017-04-21.)
Hong KongMethodist International Church is searching for an Associate Minister. Application details are available here or contact the church directly.
(Posted here 2017-04-01)
Vilnius, Lithuania — The Internatoinal Church of Vilnius is seeking a Pastor. A job description and contact information can be found here.
(Posted here 2017-01-10.)
Baku, Azerbaijan — Baku International Fellowship, an English-language multi-denominational congregation of 200+ seeks senior pastor to lead this vibrant ministry. Information and application forms are available from Application deadline: January 15, 2017
(Listed here 2016-11-11.)
New Delhi, India — Delhi International Christian Fellowship (DICF) is opening its search for a new Senior Pastor. Visa challenges require a search for both short-term pastors (up to six months) as well as permanent candidates as we work towards a long-term stable status for this warm, winsome church with strong leaders beginning May 2016. For more information, send resume and queries to here 2016-02-17)
Continental Europe — Interim Assignments — ALL ASSIGGNMENTS ARE CURRENTLY FILLED FOR SUMMER 2016.
(Listed here 2015 August 11; updated 2016 April 14.)
Singapore — Orchard Road Presbyterian Church (ORPC) is seeking a Senior Minister (Senior Pastor) for its Englishspeaking congregation. Check out their position description here.
(Listed here 2015 August 10.)
Cairo, Egypt — Heliopolis Community Church is seeking a pastor. Click above for their website or here for a brief position description.
(Pastor Daniel Stump has accepted the postion of senior pastor; youth position continues to be open as of March 10, 2016)
Bali, Indonesia — Bali Protestant Christian Church — Short-term volunteer pastors needed in international congregations. Immediate openings available. Current contact information pending.
Searches closed or positions filled:
  • Kobe, Japan, Union Church
  • Lavington, Kenya — The Lavington Vineyard Church
  • Kobe, Japan — Kobe Union Church
  • Surrey, Great Britain — ICC Youth Minsiter
  • San Jose, Costa Rica —Escazu Christian Fellowship
  • Wan Chai, Hong Kong — The Vine Church
  • Kathmandu, Nepal — Kathmandu International Christian Congregation (KICC)
  • Bonn, Germany — American Protestant Church
  • Antwerp, Belgium — the Antwerp International Protestant Church
  • Sofia, Bulgaria — International Baptist Church
  • Tokyo, Japan — Tokyo Union Church
  • Salzburg, Austria — Salzburg International Christian Church
  • Tung Chung, Hong Kong — The Bridge Church
  • Switzerland —The International Church of Luzern (ICL)
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates — Evangelical Community Church
  • Moshi, Tanzania — St. Margaret's Anglican Church
  • Tblisi, Georgia — The International Christian Fellowship, lead pastor
  • West Leederville, Western Australia — Henderson Memorial Presbyterian Church, multi-lingual pastor
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — the WELL — International Church of Saigon, pastor
  • São Paulo Brazil — Fellowship Community Church
  • Bangkok, Thailand — The International Church of Bangkok
  • London, UK — American International Church
  • Beijing — Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Surrey, UK — International Community Church
  • Evangelical Community Church in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
  • Advent-St. Nicholas Church, Quito, Ecuador
  • International Baptist Church-Jurbise, Belgium
  • International Church of Karachi, Pakistan
  • International Church of Bishkek (ICB), Kyrgystan
  • Santiago (Chile) Community Church
  • APCH — American Protestant Church of the Hague
  • Ferney Voltaire, France — Crossroads Evangelical Church
  • Geneva, Swieterland — The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Geneva
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh — Dhaka International Christian Church
  • Lima, Peru — Union Church of Lima
  • Prague, Czech Republic — International Church of Prague (summer 2013)
  • Tokyo, Japan -- Tokyo Union Church (early 2013)
  • Manila, Philippines -- Union Church of Manila Youth Director (early 2012)
  • Hong Kong, China — Island ECC (Evangelical Community Church) (6 October 2012)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania — The International Church of Vilnius — pastor (13 July 2012).
  • Tokyo, Japan — Tokyo Union Church Senior Pastor (23 May 2012)
  • Prague, Czech Republic — International Church of Prague interim pastor and youth pastors (12 April 2012)
  • Caracas, Venezuela — United Christian Church in Caracas (11 April 2012)
  • Paris, France -- The American Church of Paris, Full-Time Associate Pastor (2011).
  • Tokyo, Japan -- St. Paul International Lutheran Church, senior pastor (2011)
  • Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church (New Zealand), English-language assistant pastor (2011).
  • Vienna Community Church (Austria), Senior Pastor (2011)
  • La Paz Community Church (Bolivia), Senior Pastor (2011.)
  • Union Church Hong Kong, China, Executive Director (2011)
  • St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, pastor (2011)
  • Tokyo Union Church (TUC), interim pastor (2011)
  • Union Christian Church in Honduras, pastor (2011)
  • International Evangelical Church in Finland, second pastor (2011)
  • Taipei International Church, interim pastor (2011)
  • The English-speaking Congregation of Church of the Good Shepherd (Taipei,Taiwan) (2011).
  • The International Protestant Church (IPC) of Zurich (2011).
  • Advent-St. Nicholas Church (ASN) in Quito, Ecuador (2011).
  • The International Church of Stavanger, Norway (2010).
  • The International Church of Karachi (ICK) (2010).
  • United Church of Bogota (Colombia) — Search for a Senior Pastor (2010)
  • Community Church Hong Kong — Senior Pastor (2009)
  • The Congregation of the Good Shepherd (COGS), Beijing, China (2010).
  • The La Paz (Bolivia) Community Church (LPCC) (2010)
  • St. Paul International Lutherna Church, Tokyo, Japan (2010)
  • Kobe Union Church, Japan (2009).
  • Kathmandu International Christian Congregation (KICC), Nepal (2009)
  • International Church of Lucerne, Luzern, Switzerland (2009)
  • Cambodian Christian Fellowship, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2009)
  • St. Anne's Lutheran Church, London, England, UK (2009).
  • American Protestant Church, Bonn, Germany (2009)
  • Union Church, Lima Peru (2010).